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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey all!

This Thanksgiving, we wanted to take a moment to say what we're thankful for. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday - it's a time to gather around the table with friends and family, eat some tasty food, and be grateful for what we have. I love Thanksgiving because there is no expectation of gifts (though if you want to buy a friend a Cannection box, we won't complain!), and it's the only holiday that is secular and American, so anyone can celebrate.

This year, I am thankful for:

1. Friends and family who have made this year special and meaningful. Spending time with family and friends makes life enjoyable. I started this company to help people connect more deeply with the people around them and I'm sincerely grateful to those who take the time to invest in me.

2. Our country. I know it can be tough to watch the news and we often see things in our society that we need to improve - indeed striving to create a more perfect union is a profoundly American and patriotic act. But when you spend time getting to know people in your community, I've always found that we share more in common than we think and that most of our fellow citizens want to create a better world for their children.

3. The opportunity to be part of this new industry. The cannabis industry can be tough - operators in the industry face an unbelievable number of obstacles and difficulties in running their businesses. I'm thankful to be able to help people understand more about the cannabis plant and use it to become more empathetic and connected with those around them.

Just a quick one today to say Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you have a wonderful day! Let us know what you're thankful for in the comments below and if you're out there smoking today, send us a message to let us know what you're smoking and how your Thanksgiving is!

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